Severe Winter Weather

We are here for you.

Over the past several days the Houston metropolitan area has been greatly impacted by record freezing temperatures causing widespread power outages, water outages, spotty telephone service, security system disconnects, and internet service disruption.  Unfortunately, as a result of these extreme temperatures many have suffered freeze losses from broken pipes with resulting water damage, there have been home burglaries, fires, and automobile accidents.  
If you have suffered a loss, please contact our office so we may assist you with getting your claim(s) reported.  We are happy to report that Focus does have limited staff online and available to assist our clients.  We also have our emergency claims team who stands ready to assist with this process.

In order to better serve you, we ask that you please contact our main switchboard at 713.425.6700, should you need to report a claim.  You may also report your claim direct to the insurance company or send an email to or use the insurance company App on your cell phone. 

Below you will find information needed in order to report your claim, tips when speaking with the insurance company adjuster, and a listing of insurance company phone numbers.

Should you have service needs outside of claims reporting, please continue to email your account manager or feel free to call them on their direct line.  We have a back office team checking phone messages and emails.  We will get to you as soon as possible.

Reporting a Claim

​Necessary Information to Report Your Claim

  • Insured Name and Best Point of Contact
  • Contact Phone Number(s) where you can be reached
  • Property address where the damage occurred
  • If an auto accident, name of insured driver and year, make and model of the vehicle(s) involved
  • Your Insurance Company’s Name and Your Policy Number, if available
  • A brief description of the damage suffered or the accident details, if an automobile loss occurred

Four Ways To Report Your Claim

  1. Report claim via Focus’ – Main Switchboard Emergency Line – 713-425-6700
  2. Email your claim to Please be sure to reference “I Need to Report A Claim” in the subject line and include all the information noted above in the body of the email.
  3. Report your claim directly to your insurance company – phone numbers are provided below.  Should your insurance company not be listed, you can find their contact information contained in your insurance policy.
  4. If you signed up for your insurance company’s App, you can use this app to report and track your claim.

Your Responsibility to Make Temporary, Emergency Repairs

To comply with the terms of the insurance policy you, as the Insured, are required to prevent from further damage.  What this means to you, you are authorized to make necessary, temporary repairs to prevent the damage from spreading.  This would include, but is not limited to, shutting off the main water line to the property, repairing broken pipes, water extraction to damaged property, debris clean up, drying out damaged property, and beginning the process of obtaining bids for repairs.

Do not make permanent repairs until such time as you have received authorization to do so by the insurance company adjuster.  The adjuster may or may not request an inspection of the damage prior to authorizing repairs.  If they require an inspection, please make yourself available to do so.  They will have many properties to see, so any delays in scheduling will only delay your claim.

Before tearing out damaged property, removing or covering over damaged property or disposing of any debris, take pictures or video, if possible. Keep all damaged property until the adjuster sees it and approves of its disposal.

Cover any openings with a tarp or plastic to prevent additional water from entering the property and secure the premises.

If your loss is covered by the policy, reasonable costs for temporary repairs are covered, so be sure to keep all invoices and receipts. 

Please make sure the adjuster is made aware of the extent of your damage when you speak to him or her. 
Ask your adjuster:

  • “What is the next step?”
  • “What am I authorized to do?”
  • “What is my responsibility?”
  • “When can I move forward with my repairs?”

Make sure you write down the first and last name of any person you are speaking with regarding your claim.  And most important, write down your claim number.  You will need it for future reference. 

If you need help with finding a contractor, ask the insurance company adjuster.  They usually will have names of vetted contractors, should you not have one you prefer using.

Insurance Company Contact Information

Should you wish to file your claim directly with your insurance company, please refer to the list below.

Insurance Company Claims Reporting Phone Number
AIG 888-760-9195
Allianz (Farm & Ranch) 800-211-6647
American Collectors Ins Co 800-360-2277
AmWins  214-561-9365
Assurant Flood 800-423-4403
Bristol West 800-274-7865
Central 888-263-2924
Central Insurex 888-263-2924
Chubb 800-252-4670
Chubb Agribusiness 800-585-9624
Chubb-WNC Flood 800-252-4670
Cincinnati 877-242-2544
Foremost 800-527-3907
Hagerty 800-747-5348
Hull/Geovera Specialty 800-631-6478
Kemper Auto & Home 888-252-2799
National Flood/Repetative Loss 800-767-4341
National Risk Solutions 866-417-4855
USLI 888-875-5231
Nationwide Property & Casualty 855-473-6410
Nationwide Mid Market 800-209-3288
Personal 800-564-1799 (Eric)
Progressive 800-776-4737
Pure 888-813-7873
Pure Programs 888-813-7873
Pure/Flood 800-759-8656
Risk Specialits Companies 800-931-9546
RLI-Personal Umbrella 800-331-4929
RT Specialty 800-274-7865
Scottsdale Insurance 800-423-7675
Voyager/American Reliable 800-245-1505
Markel 800-362-7535
South & Western 800-492-5351
American Reliable 800-365-0398
South & Western 800-492-5351
Travelers Lloyds or Ins Co 800-238-6225
Tejas American Gen Agcy/TAGA 888-999-8242
Texas Fair Plan 800-788-8247
TWIA 800-788-8247
Travelers-Farm & Ranch 800-238-6225
WNC Flood 800-252-4670
Travelers 800-252-4633
Wright Flood 800-725-9472
Zurich Insurance 800-987-3373